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Testata elevatore a tazze
Impianto di trasporto meccanico attraverso elevatore a tazze e nastro trasportatore
Elevatore a tazze verticale per alimenti

The bucket elevators 'EZC' and'EXC' are the result of the experience acquired by CRISTIANO TORRE Engineering in the transport of fragile and delicate bulk products. Over 400 machines operate around the world 24 hours a day. The modular configuration allows to adapt the machine to the available space, as well as to modify its shape and function according to the evolution of the system in which it will be used. The machine is available in 14 models to adapt to different flow rates up to 50 m3 / h. The structure is made of stainless steel or carbon steel plates with epoxy powder coating.

The machine base is only 400 mm (EZC) or 600 mm. (EXC) high. It is mounted on adjustable levelling feet and contains a bucket approach system for loading, obtained with a mechanical group entirely refined by machine tools, and, thanks to the precision of the execution, it ensures absolute reliability and quiet operation.
The calibrated and pre-tensioned 3/4 conveyor chains are guided along the entire track by a special profile made of self-lubricating non-toxic material and the chain tension is ensured by a spring system that automatically recovers the stretching. All shaftsturn on ball bearings, including those of bevel gearboxes.

The upper arm of the machine is equipped with a fixed outlet or multiple outlet with pneumatic control. Complete unloading of any product is ensured by the 360° rotation of the bucket.
Standard buckets are equipped with side panels of non-toxic ABS and stainless steel bottoms. Special buckets are also available for specific needs: entirely in stainless steel; with nylon mesh bottom; with perforated stainless steel bottom or non-stick Teflon bottom.
Commands are transmitted by means of a gearmotor which is directly keyed to the shaft, in order to avoid maintenance on the transmission.

Bucket elevator - Possible executions


Controllo di sicurezza sovracoppia per elevatore a tazze
Vibro alimentatore per elevatore a tazze
Lavaggio automatico tazze elevatore




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