What is a cookie and what is it used for?

A cookie is a small text file sent to the browser and saved on your device while you are visiting a website. Cookies allow the site to work efficiently and improve its performance; furthermore they provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly in order to personalise your navigation experience and remembering preferences (for example, the language and currency you have set, in order to recognise you on your next visit, etc.)

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?

Our site uses various types of cookies and related technologies, each of which has a specific function. When surfing the internet, some pieces of information are automatically recorded (e.g. the name of your Internet access provider, the site of origin, the pages visited, the duration of the visit, etc.) All the information collected is completely anonymous.
The cookies used by our site can be classified according to their purpose as described below:


Static cookies

They are used in aggregate form for statistical purposes and to monitor, in aggregate and never individual form, the website pages and services that are most appreciated by users. These cookies are used to help us monitor and improve our website and to understand the interests of our users.

Session cookies

These cookies have the sole purpose to provide access to some services of the website. They are stored for the duration of the navigation session and then deleted.

Third-party profiling cookies

These are cookies sent by third-party companies and allow you to be provided with our commercial offering on other affiliated websites (retargeting), according to the preferences expressed when surfing the web. We do not have control of the information provided by the third-party cookie and we do not have access to those data. This information is totally controlled by third-party companies as described in the respective privacy policies.
Profiling cookies require prior consent from the user.
We invite you to read the information regarding third-party cookies available at the following link:




We also use social plugins (the Linkedin button and Linkedin's social login) which involve the transmission of third-party cookies for different purposes including tracking visits, recognizing users, knowing their interests, improving the user experience, increasing safety, measuring the use and effectiveness of the various services and offering advertising. Visit the following link for more information:
It is not currently possible to selectively disable the technical cookies, however it is possible to disable them completely. With regard to third-party cookies, please refer to the links provided in the paragraphs above for disabling cookies, where possible.
If you do not wish to consent to the installation of the cookies generated by our website then the settings of your computer or device need to be customised by selecting, the deletion of all cookies option, if foreseen, or by activating a warning message when the cookies are stored. 
Visit the website for further information regarding cookies and how they influence your browsing experience.
It is important to remember that disabling cookies might prevent you from using some, if not all of the website’s functions or sections. For cookie management we recommend that you refer to the websites of the browser developers, since they vary continuously based on the version of the software installed, in particular: 

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By using our website without changing the configurations on your browser related to disabling cookies, the user accepts that all cookies may be installed on his/her device, including third-party cookies.