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Study, design, construction and assembly of dust extraction systems from localized points to a centralized filtration and suppression system. High efficiency centrifugal fans with soundproofing system on request. Bag filters with self-cleaning filter media through compressed air countercurrent, which ensures that emissions of particulate pollutants are lower than the value set out by the law or EEC regulations and never exceed 2 mg / Nm3 of the gas composition.

Upon request, the filters can be equipped with a compressed air economizer that manages the cleaning sequence of the bag filters according to the upstream and downstream pressure differential of the filter media. Manifold and connecting pipes are produced with all the necessary measures to minimize pressure drops of the network. The system is made of partially or entirely stainless steel for treatment of corrosive particulate pollutants and/or installation in an aggressive environment. Explosion-proof or special executions for gas treatment up to operating temperatures of 200° C.

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