Preliminary study, design, construction, assembly, putting into service and after-sales service: an extremely complicated puzzle for the client to solve.
From analysis to implementation, our officials, thanks to their long experience in the sector, are able to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your company's needs. Clear and detailed cost estimates as well as the absolute control over each stage of your project.


The customer must submit the problem to be solved and their expectations from the project. Torre technicians will present a customized feasibility study.

Following a refinement, a detailed technical and commercial offer will be presented.


40 years of experience allow us an impeccable knowledge of specific logistics.

The use of the most reliable carriers, the knowledge of the packaging, stowage and lashing methodology allow us to offer the delivery service at the best conditions, including economic ones.

We qualify as an accredited exporter for duty free in countries requiring 'Authorized Exporter' status (Example Korea) or registration for the issuance of EUR 1 (Example South Africa, USA and Canada).


An after-sales service guarantees:

The supply of spare parts.

Interventions on the site of our technical specialists.

Continuous information on any news or improvements made to the equipment regarding reliability and / or safety.


From the preliminary study to the detailed design of each equipment included in the new project. The service possibly includes the survey on the assembly site to adapt the system to the specific installation and use needs linked to the existing situation.


To guarantee the quality of the plant and machinery, we offer a complete supervision or assembly service on site with the use of specialized personnel in compliance with the strictest safety standards.


The plant or machinery will be built in our workshop. With the use of cutting-edge machinery in terms of automation and precision.

The quality of manufacture and finishes is one of our most appreciated qualities.


The order will be carefully followed up to the commissioning of the plant and training of the operators when necessary.